President Fellowship

Hokkaido University President’s Fellowship
―2022 Application Guidelines―

Hokkaido University is seeking applicants for Hokkaido University President’s Fellowship, for prospective international students seeking master’s, professional, or doctoral degrees that plan to enroll in October 2022.

(Note: Please ask your international office how to submit your application to Hokkaido University!)

Applicants must possess an excellent academic record as well as a strong interest in Hokkaido University and Japanese culture.

1. Eligibility Requirements
(1) Applicants must be current or alumni students of universities that have concluded Inter-University Exchange
Agreements and a Memorandum of Understanding on Student Exchange with Hokkaido University. Students who
are already enrolled at Hokkaido University can not apply for this fellowship. Applicants must be self-supporting,
without other scholarships or fellowships when enrolling in Hokkaido University.
(2) Applicants must possess a GPA that is in the top 25% of their class or an equivalent level at their home
university (Applicants who possess equivalent GPA levels must be certified by the president of their home

2. Amount
(1) Degree seeking students: Approximately 2,300,000 yen for the 1st year (apx 1,800,000 from the 2nd year)
which includes application fees, enrollment fees, tuition fees (exempted), and the monthly stipend.

Monthly stipend: 100,000 yen.

In addition to the monthly stipend, 220,000 yen (70,000 yen for research students) is paid in the month of enrollment with an additional 35,000 yen the following April and October to cover the Fellowship recipient’s travel expenses (when coming to Japan and returning to their home country at the completion of their studies and research) and material’s fees for texts
and miscellaneous expenses.

(2) Other
Students are eligible to live in the University dormitory during the benefit period.

3. Length of the Fellowship
Fellowships are awarded for the periods below. Note that the length of the Fellowship will not be extended
where students who enroll initially in a master’s course then decide to pursue further studies.
(1) Master’s Degree: Maximum of 2 years
(2) Professional Degree (Accounting and Public Policy): Maximum of 2 years
(3) Professional Degree (Law): Maximum of 3 years
(4) Doctoral Degree: Maximum of 3 years
(5) Doctoral Degree in Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Infectious Diseases, or Clinical Pharmacy:
Maximum of 4 years
* For research students before enrolling in any of the above (1) ~ (5): Maximum of 6 months

4. Number of Fellowships
October 2022 enrollment: 6 students

5. Application Period
November 1st, 2021 – January 7th, 2022 without fail

6. Required Documents
(1) A completed Application for Hokkaido University President’s Fellowship (Form 1).
Before submitting the application, please make sure to contact your prospective supervisor directly and
consult with them concerning the topic and plan of your research.
(2) Consent letter written by your prospective supervisor (Form 2).
(3) Official Transcripts
For a doctoral degree, both undergraduate and graduate transcripts must be submitted.
(4) A letter of recommendation from a supervisor at your university (no set form).
(5) Official candidacy announcement from your university’s president to the President of Hokkaido University (no set form).

7. How to Apply
(1) Applicants must submit the above documents to their university.
(2) Each affiliated University must select ONE candidate, and send the required documents to Hokkaido
University within the application period.
* Applications sent directly from the applicant will not be accepted.
* Please note that submitted documents will not be returned.
* In case of any change on the applicant’s status, please be sure to inform us through the affiliated University as soon as possible.

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