2016/17 Hokkaido University Annual Exchange Day

Annual Exchange Days with Helsinki University

Day 1: 2 March 2017

08:30-12:00 Opening Session

Opening Remark from Vice-President, Executive, Professor Hiroaki TERAO, Hokkaido University

Opening Remark from Minister Hiromoto OYAMA, Embassy of Japan in Finland

Introduction to Hokkaido University Research Centers from Director of Hokkaido University Europe Office in Helsinki Professor Yoshihiro NARITA, Hokkaido University

Introduction to Slavic-Eurasian Research Center from Professor Shinichiro TABATA, Hokkaido University

Introduction to Ainu and Indigenous People Research Center from Professor Hirofumi KATO, Hokkaido University

Introduction to Arctic Research at University of Helsinki from Vice-Rector Professor Anna MAURANEN, Helsinki University

Introduction to Hokkaido University Arctic Research Center from Professor Natsuhiko OTSUKA

Closing Remark from Arctic Ambassador Aleksi HÄRKÖNEN

13:00-17:00 Parallel Sessions

Session 1: Northern Sea Route: Developments and Challenges

Session 2: Indigenous Cultures, Knowledges, and Identities

Session 3: New Teacher Education Strategy in Finland and Japan

Day 2: 3 March 2017

10:00-12:30 Parallel Sessions

Session 4: Russian Arctic Policy and Economy

Session 5: Seeking the Human Landscape: Archaeology, Anthropology, and Indigenous Studies

Session 6: New Research Methods in Science Education

Session 7: Small Animal Gastroenterology

13:30-16:30: Parallel Sessions

Session 8: Multiple Layers of and Perspectives on World War II

Session 9: Aspects of Linguistic Field Work among Minorities

Overseas Satellite Offices