2014/15 Hokkaido University Annual Exchange Days

Annual Exchange Days with Bremen University

Day 1 on 1 December 2014

9:00-13:30 Opening Session

Welcome Speech from Professor Michael SCHULZ, Bremen University

Guided Tour of MARUM Center for Marine Environmental Sciences

Opening Remark from the Director of Hokkaido University Europe Office in Helsinki Professor Shinichiro TABATA

Introduction to Hokkaido University from Ms. Nozomi HARAGUCHI, Hokkaido University

Introduction to Bremen University from Dr. Annette LANG

Courtesy Calls from Vice Rector Professor Dr. Yasemin KARAKASOGLU, Bremen University, and Vice President Professor Ichiro UEDA, Hokkaido University.

13:30-17:00 Parallel Sessions

Session 1: Religion and Nationalism in Russia and Central Asia from Late Socialism to the Present

Session 2: Arrangements of Hyperplanes

Session 3: Production Engineering – Mechanical Engineering and Process Engineering

Session 4: Comprehensive Study of Marine Ecosystem under Changing Climate in Arctic and Sub’arctic Seas

Session 5: New Frontier in Cryosphere Science: Biological Science, Glaciology and Oceanography

Session 6: International Ocean Discovery Program: How Can Bremen and Hokkaido Universities Collaborate?

17:00 Reception at MARUM


Day 2 on 2 December 2014

10:00-12:00 Parallel Session

Session 7: Chemistry and Physics in the Middle Atmosphere related to Solar and Lightning Activities


Overseas Satellite Offices