Director’s Message

The Europe Office in Helsinki was founded in 2012 as an overseas satellite office of Hokkaido University. The office provides a base of activities that bridges education and research between Hokkaido University and European Universities to promote exchanges and strengthen long-term collaboration. Our activities include accepting Hokkaido University students through First Step Program, holding Hokkaido University Exchange Days with European Universities, promoting Hokkaido University in Europe through various study abroad fairs, fostering alumni networking opportunities and so forth. Although the rapid development of BRICs countries has been achieved in recent years, Europe has many of the most historical and best universities and research institutes in the world and has competitive advantages as an education and research base. Collaboration with European universities and research institutes is extremely of importance for developing and strengthening our international strategy. In cooperation with Russian Office in Moscow, we actively promote the international expansion of Hokkaido University in Europe.

Toshiro Ohashi
Director (2021.4-), Europe Office in Helsinki, Hokkaido University
Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University

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